Internet Outages: Things You Need To Know

Internet Outages: Things You Need To Know

Internet Outages: Things You Need To Know

We’re so used to having constant access to the Internet that just the idea of losing it makes us feel at least a bit uncomfortable.

If you’re a home user, you would feel frustrated if you couldn’t upload or download files, communicate with your relatives in a faraway country or pay your bills over the Internet. For businesses, not having the Internet connection for a certain amount of time leads to serious, sometimes devastating consequences.
In the business world, Internet outage is one of the biggest threats of the 21st century. As companies depend on the Internet for countless activities, not being able to connect to the Internet can pause your entire operations. Not having it under control makes the situation a lot worse than it actually is. You don’t know what the reason for the internet outage is and you don’t know when the problem will be fixed.

Is it possible to protect ourselves from the attack?

Knowing how serious these consequences can be, many businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves from these attacks. After all, the majority of the internet outages is caused intentionally. We can be talking about vandals who do it just for fun or people who are targeting specifically your business. Whatever the reason for the attack might be, it’s inevitable it will cost your company time and money.
Internet outages are happening more often than they did before. The reason for that is almost every company moved its business online partially or entirely. For those who have bad intentions, it’s much easier to find the victim for their next attack. The bad thing about it is that anybody can be the next victim, a home user or a business. Not to mention that attacks are just one of the reasons why internet outages happen. There can be many issues related to network, cables and equipment that lead to interruptions.

High Availability Components

To be prepared for situations like these, you will need to have a highly available application. There are four components for high availability you need to keep in mind. First, you should have a primary or secondary system ready if things go down.
Second, you need to think about the ability to route your traffic to the optimal endpoint and reroute your traffic to another endpoint in case the primary one is unavailable. Third, you’ll need to focus on automatically proceed new infrastructure. Finally, covering the backup and recovery aspect will ensure there are minimal consequences of an internet outage.

Developing High Availability App

How to build a high-availability cloud application?

If you’re interested in building a high-availability cloud application, you will need to carefully choose which components should first migrate to high availability. However, you need to know that building high availability into application implies a lot of technical, operational and financial challenges. You will also need to manage third-party risk because when your application goes offline, your customers will lose trust in your business. That’s why you need to invest in network and monitoring solutions that can see how well your CSP is performing.
Then, you should decide should this application be based in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises. As the majority of businesses are choosing cloud over its two alternatives, keep in mind that not all of your systems and data should be stored onto a cloud. If your business is dealing with sensitive data, you should consider on-premises or hybrid model.
Preparation for the internet outage is vital, but you will also need to prepare for failures across different levels as it can actually help avoid an outage. Ensure you have at least two zones to which you’re replicating your data. Moreover, try to avoid the single point of failure with DNS systems. Of course, a system that can guarantee you protection from failure simply doesn’t exist, but a managed DNS provider comes close to it.


Don’t waste your time by hoping that internet outage will not happen to you. Instead, invest that time in protecting your data and your business from possible threats. In case an internet outage does happen, you will have alternative ways to proceed with your activities. Internet outages will stay one of the biggest issues for a while, so make sure you’re informed about the new breakthroughs on how to successfully prevent and solve it.

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