What is the significance of Shopify PWA for growth?

What is the significance of Shopify PWA for growth?

Is it easier to maintain a mobile application and website for a single business? PWA (Progressive Web Application) has built the best solution that relies on the middle. Just marketing for the business is not sufficient to target customers.

There is an expectation that there will be a 73% of growth in ecommerce sales through mobile devices. Businesses must focus on highly engaging and functional mobile apps to ensure a better customer experience.

It is time to boost performance and scale your business with the right strategy. Here, in this content piece, we will let you know the importance of Shopify Development Company for PWA developments.

What is a Progressive Web App?

It is a highly responsive web app that is targeted at mobile devices. The best element is that it can be accommodated uniformly on Android and iOS platforms. Building a mobile app for your business will save cost and time. The three properties of PWAs are:

  • Accessible and installed on any mobile devices
  • Great features and capabilities
  • Highly reliable and secure platform

This type of application software combines the feature of a website and a native app to provide a great experience. They will operate on the browser, so users do not have to install the app, which saves their storage space and limited usage of data.

What are the three segments of a successful Shopify PWA?


Users can install the app, which means it runs standalone on the window and browser tab. Users will feel a good experience in your store.


They will provide a faster performance to the users as they can work on slow connection speeds and network variances. Search engines consider the response time of the store as a ranking factor. Users will be able to load the app faster and interact better.


With continuous evolution, it has become mandatory to push the boundaries of websites and mobile devices. It provides great features and functionalities for a great user experience.

What is the process of Shopify Progressive Web Apps?


Your web app must have an SSL certificate on the web server. This provides an encoded connection between the front end and the back end. The main aim is to ensure that the data transmitted in the web app and ecommerce is secure.


This operates in the background of the PWA and responds to events. This might include a network request, content fetching, connectivity changes, caching, push notifications, data sync, etc.

The goal of proper service workers will intercept the requests and cache information to provide faster loading and use it offline.

Web Manifest

This is a file that is used to identify the feel and look of the PWA. It includes the metadata like the icons, theme, name, display mode, orientation, version, and more.

What are the benefits of Shopify PWA?

1.Easier installation

It is installed from the browser without requiring additional software and storage on mobile devices. The installed application will remain on the home screen of the mobile or desktop for easy accessibility.

2.Offline Support

One of the best features is that it can be easily installed on devices that do not have network connections. You can install the PWA on the laptop and phone at the destination. All the features and functionalities are saved and cached.

3.App-Like Experience

When you hire Shopify developers, they will provide a similar experience to the native application. It allows the customers to add the website to the home screen and get push notifications. Normally, the application requires redirecting to the app store, downloading, and relaunching the applications.

But customers can install the PWS on the home screen with just one click. Users can choose to push notifications to receive timely updates, special offers, and discounts and engage with the app.

4.Highly Responsive

There are techniques like pre-caching, compression, progressive rendering, and code splitting to reduce the loading time for the apps. It is responsive, so that the design will work perfectly on multiple devices.

5.Better Customer Engagement

In the ecommerce marketplace, customers have great expectations from an online store. The PWAs help to engage and retain customers for longer intervals. With minimal loading time, it reduces the chances of abandoning your store.

6.Great Security

Gaining customer trust is highly crucial in the ecommerce store, or you will lose potential business leads. Security is the major challenge business faces, but with PWAs, you do not have to worry about it. The platform keeps the application's front end and back end different from each other to avoid complexities.

7.Saves storage

The PWA is lighter when compared to typical mobile applications. It becomes an economical solution to target customers that have low storage. The best part is that it does not affect the performance of the apps.

8.Lower Development Cost

A single application will be capable of running on Android and iOS. This means significantly saving cost and time when you offer great features and functionalities.


The app store has strict standards and rules, which makes it challenging for mobile apps to create an existence. This makes it difficult for the customers to reach your application. But PWA is web-based, increasing visibility and making it easier to crawl through search engines. Developers can update the content on the website, which can be shared, linked, and ranked on search engines.


It makes monitoring the application process and providing offline support closely makes it effortless. The app also becomes free from network conditions by using the caching feature. The customers get to experience offline accessibility.

The End Note!

With a Shopify app Development Company business owners get an opportunity to meet customer expectations. Technology has dominated the app development world, but it has become evitable to handle the ecommerce trends.

We might have provided the best insight for the Progressive Web Apps development and some significant improvements required to beat the competition.

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