Web Design for Ecommerce – 5 Key Features You MUST Incorporate

Web Design for Ecommerce – 5 Key Features You MUST Incorporate

Whether you are building your own eCommerce website from a template or using the services of a professional web design team, you have probably come to realize that there are seemingly endless features you can include.

Be that as it may, there are some features that every successful eCommerce site should include. Here are just 5 essential features to consider.

Responsive Design

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that most people now search for and access eCommerce sites from mobile devices. A responsive web design enables viewers to navigate your site with ease no matter how small that mobile screen might be. Also, Google’s algorithms are such that responsive sites are listed in mobile searches, so if your site isn’t responsive and someone is searching for what you have to sell from a mobile device, they surely won’t find it on a mobile search. It’s really that simple.

User Friendly Design

Also, it’s imperative that you keep the design as user-friendly as possible. Make it easy for visitors, especially first-time visitors, to quickly find what they are looking for. We live in an age of instant gratification when it comes to web browsing, and impatience reigns supreme. If you don’t want visitors to click onto the next site in a mobile search, make it easy for them to quickly find the information or products they are interested in.

Search Tools

You may also be aware of just how many sites are now offering a search tool. Typically, you will see the Google search bar, but why not use a proprietary search tool for your industry? For example, in the electronics industry, an innovative company has put together a parts and materials search tool that quickly finds anything and everything related to your search. Octopart even offers a Bill of Materials (BOM) tool that enables you to save and download those items you want to compare them in depth. You might use Octopart's BOM tool to maximize the efficacy of comparison shopping within the electronics industry.


A few short videos demonstrating key products would be extremely helpful in converting those ‘on the fence’ shoppers. If they can see, in motion, what that product does, how it is used and how it benefits them, it’s much easier to convert them from visitor to customer. In short, videos sell.

Exit Pop-ups and Chatbots

Then, there are those people who are about to leave your site without buying anything or requesting further information. An exit pop-up or chatbot would help to keep a good number of those people around long enough for them to complete a purchase or for you to find out why they are leaving. This helps you see what features are not working and how you can incorporate better features into your web design.
To put it quite simply, if you are operating an eCommerce site, you will want to include those features known to appeal to the average visitor while also offering enhanced conversion rates. These are just a few examples, but if you want to operate a successful site, these are key features you cannot do without.

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