Top Tips for Designing a Secure Website

Top Tips for Designing a Secure Website

Web design is a skill that is likely going to be in high demand for as long as the internet is around.

It can be a lucrative path to follow and also one that allows you to be highly creative. There are many elements that create a good web design beyond one that is aesthetically pleasing. Functionality and easy navigation are other factors to consider as well. In addition to this, when designing a website, thinking about security is key too. Find top tips for designing a secure website in the following article.

Use an SSL

When designing a website, a feature to consider is an SSL certificate. This can be extremely useful for the person you’re designing the site for as it shows that their site is secure and can help build trust amongst customers.

What is an SSL?

Seeing as not everyone may know what an SSL is, here’s one of many definitions;

“SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remain private. “

In sum, it helps to secure the information between the customer and the website which is essential if they’ll be sharing sensitive information. Such information could be anything from their name and address to card details when making a payment. Getting an SSL shouldn’t cost an exorbitant amount, so consider using one.

Try and Prevent Data Breaches

When designing a website, you should keep the fact that data breaches can be rampant in mind. Put yourself in the mind of a cybercriminal and think about how you can design the site so that it keeps them away.

In the event of a data breach, you should contact a business like Secure Forensics who can work with you to trace the source of the data breach.

Avoid File Uploads

When designing a website, some clients may want the function of being able to upload files. However, this feature can create a huge security risk as files that are uploaded could contain a script that when executed on your server, opens up your website and makes it vulnerable. What you can do to avoid this risk is stop users from being able to perform any file that they upload. You could also try changing file permissions so that they can’t be executed as well.

Don’t Let Design Overwhelm Security

When designing a website, it’s important that design doesn’t overwhelm security. Carry out an adequate amount of security control testing and keep it at the top of your to-do list. No matter how attractive a site you design is if it isn’t secure, it poses a threat to those who will be using it.

Putting a website together is an art and not something anyone can do. One of the reasons is the careful planning that has to go into making sure you create a website that meets the clients’ objectives. One of those objectives should be security as mentioned above. You want users to have the safest experience possible, and you play a significant role in making sure that happens.

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