Top 10 Important SEO Tips for Your Law Firm Website

Top 10 Important SEO Tips for Your Law Firm Website

Top 10 Important SEO Tips for Your Law Firm Website

Whatever may the firms be, they suffer a lot of competition these days. It is thus essential to reach the top of the search list. Just like other firms, law firms are also working on achieving potential clients and implementing an SEO strategy.

In this article, we look at a few tips for Law Firm SEO for your Law Firm Website to achieve your targets.


Search Engines generally categorize the sites on the basis of the main focus of your business. They scan your site and act accordingly. Thus, it is important to include all the core practices of your firm within the main navigation. This increases the ranking of your website on the search engines.

Consider if your main pages are not in the main navigation, the search engine may categorize your pages to less important and decrease your rank. Thus all the important stuff must be included in the main navigation for not only the convenience of users but also to appear on the top of search lists.


Keywords play a vital role in SEO, but the values of keywords have diminished in recent times. Remember, not to use a keyword out of the box, forcibly in the content just to use them; Keywords must only be used when they naturally fit the content. Google also detects synonyms for search terms these days. So unwanted use of the keyword in the website must be avoided.


As you might know, law hub is nothing but a hub of content. This hub of content is for each practice area in your law firm. These pages must be created keeping in mind a few things. They are articles that answer common questions, solve the problems of your clients and above all educate the users about you and your firm. Better the law hub more potential to be viewed and shared thus making visitors realize that you are trustworthy for them. This leads to an increase in traffic to your site.


Search results have shown that the content pages with a large number of words are ranked higher in search results. Thus, writing longer content can take you to the top of the searches. It may be tedious to write long-form content, but the effort is worth. Creating a well-versed long enough content on the topic will give you more and more users visiting your site.

If the content is worth and useful you are ought to receive the target market and also establishing your name as a better firm.


The keyword must be placed be in title tags, Meta description or alt tags. As the experts say, title tag is the most important tag on the website but must have keyword phase only once. Alt tags are text alternatives that are associated with the images. These are also needed to boost the SEO of your website.


Appropriate linking is a very important part of SEO. Adding internal links to relevant pages of the website is the key to linking. This internal linking increase the traffic on your site by pulling users to visit more and more from within your site. Out bounding linking also helps in SEO if used for linking credible sites that can help earn you a backlink and thus improving you're SEO.

SEO in 2019.


SEO monitoring is very important apart from using SEO strategies. Use good and advanced web ranking software to monitor your progress. Monitoring is necessary to identify if there are changes needed in the site to achieve what targets you wish to achieve.


Instagram has achieved the highest growth in the era recently. This growth can be used efficiently to find potential customers. Using hashtags, posting photos can all make you seem more approachable. Thus the clients find it easy to approach the firm. You can also share about the conferences, charity events, team bonding events that you conduct so as to attract more and more visitors.


It is important to keep your site safe from Google Penalties. New sites get affected as soon as Google Algorithm changes; thus you need to act smartly. There are three penalties that need to avoid achieving better SEO results. They are Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird.


Local reviews play a vital role in SEO for any website. People prefer the more rated firms above all.

In order to achieve more and more new clients, get more and more local reviews and use it efficiently. Higher star ratings are sure to increase the trust in the market and may help you in achieving new clients.

I hope this article helps you in understanding some of the SEO tools for your law firm website.

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