Some lesser known facts about Google, now revealed

Some lesser known facts about Google, now revealed

Google has emerged as a single, unchallenged authority of digital world that governs the way the internet works. Right from SEO till web designing and development, Google’s guidelines can never be omitted.

However the Google started out as a research project and once the success started coming in, the founders started taking the company seriously. What happened next? Read on to find out and also know about some fewer known facts about Google

Yahoo’s Loss became Google’s Gain

In 1997 Google approached Yahoo with a proposal to sell their search engine system at a price of $2 million. However, the Yahoo that was at the height of its popularity at that time, turned down the offer. It took 5 more years for Yahoo to realize the real worth of this golden offer and it approached Google in 2002 with a buying proposal of 3 Billion dollars! It was too late though and they had already missed the boat. This time it was Google that said No to the offer! Fast forward to today's date and Yahoo is lagging light years behind Google in terms of popularity, revenue and reputation. Yahoo's loss became Google's gain!

Unique searches, every day

On an average, among every 100 different searches 16-20 searches are unique on Google. The SEO systems need to be aware of such developments to keep themselves updated with the latest in Google. The popularity and impact of Google can be understood by the fact that on 16th August 2013, The Google became inaccessible for just 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes saw a massive 40% reduction in global internet usage. It establishes the importance of search engines in general and Google in particular. With a gigantic 12million+ twitter followers, Google ranks top among the major brands that enjoy most influential social media presence.

8o world languages for easy accessibility

Easy Accessibility and user-friendly features are the things Google likes the most. It can be understood by the fact that Google's homepage is available across the globe in as many as 80 different languages. Also, Google translate is offered in all the 80 languages to transcend the barrier of language. Apart from the popular languages like English Spanish, Hindi and French Google have also added a number of regional languages like Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo!

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