Price Comparison Widgets: How OTAs Make Them Useless (and Dangerous)

Price Comparison Widgets: How OTAs Make Them Useless (and Dangerous)

Let’s talk first about Price Comparison widgets or Price Check Widgets.

What are Price Comparison Widgets?

A Price Comparison Widget can be implanted into your little hotel’s site to furnish visitors with a prompt examination of the current rates for booking straightforwardly just as the rates for similar rooms at their Hotel through your different online travel agencies (OTAs) and outsider agents according to hotel API.

Eventually, this urges visitors to book straightforwardly with the hotel and saves them time by keeping them from directing further online pursuits.

What are the advantages of Price Comparison Widgets?

The value checks gadget is intended to drive direct appointments since it gives visitors a moment cost examination, preferably demonstrating that they can get the best rate for the room they want by booking on the web through the hotel’s site.

As well as expanding direct appointments, it permits Hotel Management to acquire more income per booking, as they won’t host to pay the third-gathering commission rates that are needed through an OTA organization.

Visitors additionally find that there are advantages to having a value check widget accessible. This makes it simpler for them to lead their exploration and settle on an ultimate conclusion, and it additionally gives them greater adaptability with regard to finishing their movement game plans.

Regardless of whether you choose to utilize a value check widget is dependent upon you. At last, you’ll need to ensure that doing as such will not cause any strain between you or your OTA accomplices, so you should check with them first!

So, there are some Price Check Widgets that are free-standing, lightweight, and can usually be styled to match a hotel’s branding: Triptease, Clicktripz, Convertio, LiveRate, Cloudbeds, and many more.

Now understand OTAs:

An online travel agency, or OTA, is a site or online facility, which sells travel-related things to customers. These products may include hotels, flights, travel packages, car rentals, and activities. Crucially, OTAs are third parties, reselling these services on behalf of other companies, including those within the hotel industry.

The job of online travel service, or OTA for short, has gotten progressively significant inside the hotel business, since they give an advantageous method to clients to contrast hotels and book them over the web, from the solace of their own home, or in a hurry.

Besides all of this are we aware of how OTA’s are making Price Comparison Widgets useless:

The point being, you’ve likely been sold on the possibility that these instruments are exact to such an extent that they can follow the IP address of the utilization that’s making the hunt. In this manner, track the value that has been offered to that client.

Just try with an example of booking a Hotel G Singapore on your own various OTA’s. You’ll find these sites useless but not so dangerous.

While in Price comparison widgets our conviction is that direct is ideal. Hotels needed a certain something: an approach to drive direct appointments. They direct live Price Check, this smart gadget that shows live costs from OTAs on a Hotel site, and things truly took off.

We have advice for you to avoid those that appear devices that do the magic overnight. Since we don’t have faith in wizardry and nor in shortcut routes. What we are doing here is extremely basic: We are demonstrating realities. Enough said.

Furthermore, the realities say that, in the long run, these value check apparatuses may be helpful and supportive, only whenever placed in the right context.

If not, kindly, quit purchasing on the possibility that some mystical supplier can go to your hotel, offering an enchantment instrument, ultimately at a magical value… that does the magic in the short-term.

Mak corp idea is we have just two things to propose: get yourself a VPN apparatus. As said, a VPN is an apparatus that permits you to interface with different nations on the planet, to see whether destinations (OTAs) show various things relying upon the client’s area. The VPN I have been utilizing, ExpressVPN, actually like numerous others, is exceptionally modest, around 7–8 USD each month. You can utilize it on however many gadgets as you wish, as long as close to 4 individuals use it simultaneously.

Simply don’t disclose to us that you don’t have a financial plan to spend for it. That is to say, truly clear your treats, routinely.

There are some best Price comparison tools that can really help you to grab a hotel at the best price:

1. Convertio

Convertio is an organization committed to their Price Check Wizard, commitment informing, and a customized offer engine. Their savvy widget shows your own cost at the top, trailed by a few OTAs beneath. As indicated by their site, they help hotels accumulate 35% more straightforward appointments by and large. They likewise offer comparisons at both the hotel level and the room type level, just as adaptable presentations for various dialects and currencies forms.

2. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds offers you exciting products inside their site. It offers a PMS, a booking engine, a channel manager, and a group booking engine they call their “OTA-in-a-box”, alongside apparatuses like their value checker. Their Rate Comparison Widget can be included on your booking engine. It’s likewise upgraded for mobile, which is quickly turning into a need because of mobile’s emotional development.

3. Hotel Champ

Hotel Champ offers their Price Comparison tool as a component of their ‘Setting off Toolset’, a bunch of 10 apparatuses intended to expand transformations. This unit incorporates apparatuses like a USP correlation with your site versus the OTAs, live talk, and an exit popup message.

Their price comparison tool is spotless, flawless, and does the work. Their Triggering Toolset begins at €229 each month for more modest properties, so ensure you investigate the expected incentive for your property prior to contributing.


In this article, the hotel booking API helps you to discover more about online travel planners and the best stages to go to expand the number of hotel appointments you draw in from clients. You can also use some web scraping API to extract data from multiple OTAs for better traction.

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