Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web – What is the right choice for your business?

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Web – What is the right choice for your business?

From the past consecutive four years, the web traffic from mobile devices is surpassing desktop usage, with 58 percent of total website visit in 2018 coming from mobile devices.

It is no longer a question if your company need mobile app development services and strategy because you definitely do.
However, the question is whether a mobile app or a mobile responsive website can better serve your business and your target audience’s expectations. Your mobile app development company can help build both a customized mobile app and a mobile website.

Mobile app vs. mobile web – What is the difference?

As a user, you can access both a mobile app and a mobile website via a mobile device.
However, a mobile website is exactly how it sounds, it is a website that’s optimized and scaled for mobile devices. Some of the typical features of a mobile website include fewer page elements, smaller fonts and lesser white space in comparison to the desktop version. But, it can display text content, image, videos and data just like the traditional websites. However, a mobile responsive website can also access mobile-specific features like location-based mapping.
On the other hand, mobile apps are applications that a user downloads and installs in their mobile device. Similar to a website, a mobile app can pull content and data from the internet. However, mobile apps can also download content and allow users to access the said content without an internet connection. Mobile apps can use the device’s native features and enable developers to deliver the better, faster and more intuitive user experience. Besides this we would suggest you to visit Chalkboard in case you are looking for the best option to get a separate mobile number for work and business.
To help you make a more informed decision about web and app development services, let’s dive into the benefits of both.

Mobile Application for Business Website

Benefits of mobile app

Branding opportunities
Your mobile app is usually considered a completely different entity from the company’s website, hence it presents new branding opportunities. You get to try new strategies, tactics, styles and experiment with the branding for your mobile app.
Your mobile app also give you opportunities to offer an entirely new experience for the users, it can help you offer more value and create a new channel for engagement.
Offer more personalization
Personalization with your mobile app is all about providing tailored communication and experience to users based on their location, interests, behavior and more. You can also allow your users to set their preferences and personal information through the mobile app when they originally download the app and customize different elements of the app to better suit their needs.
Offline access
Up to a certain extent, mobile apps can function without an internet connection. However, most mobile apps require the internet connection to perform most of their core tasks but they still can offer information and functionality in offline mode as well. This can be a big advantage, as it gives your users direct access to you anytime and anywhere.
Customer engagement
Mobile apps have their own interface environment and that’s how they are able to offer users a more engaging and immersed experience. They are created with a purpose, for example, to provide a more convenient banking or shopping experience. Mobile apps address users' pain point and make it easier for them to achieve a goal.
Moreover, a mobile app allows users to interact with your content in more engaging ways than to just look at the exact same text and images like on a website.
Stronger brand presence
Another major benefit of mobile apps over mobile websites is that it gives your brand a real presence on your customers’ devices. Even when users may not be actively using the app, they still have a continuous reminder of your brand via your app. The icon of your app works as a brand advertisement and presents the opportunity for hyper-targeted marketing, along with a level of customer engagement that cannot be achieved with any other channel.

Benefits of mobile website

Broader audience reach
A mobile website is more accessible across different platforms and can be easily shared. Furthermore, via search engines, a mobile website can provide greater reach capability than a mobile app as users can only look up and download them from Google Play and Apple App Store.
Even though it depends on complexity, but a responsive mobile website can be more cost-effective than mobile app development services, especially when you want your app to be available on more than one platform.
Brand visibility
Mobile responsive sites now rank higher on the search engine page results than sites that are not built for mobile. As businesses with a mobile optimized website are more likely to rank better, it means they can benefit from greater brand visibility and higher web traffic.

Which is the better option?

When it comes to deciding whether to go for a mobile site or mobile app development services, the right choice really depends on your business objectives. If your goal is to better engage, communicate and interact with your audience and drive customer loyalty then a mobile app may be an excellent choice for you. However, a mobile website may the better choice for you, if your business objective is to provide mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people. In most cases, companies need both a mobile app and a mobile website. When done correctly, both can be a strategic choice and can add value to your user experience and help achieve business goals.

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