How to Plan a Successful Launch Party

How to Plan a Successful Launch Party

There’s a lot riding on a launch event, so it’s important to organize it properly. Learn more here.

Launch events are the lifeblood for many startups and small brands. If done right, it could boost the company's profile and introduce their products or services to a hungry audience. A lot is riding on a launch event, which is why it's important to organize one properly. But planning a launch event, whether for a product launch or brand activation, can be a daunting task.

Planning a launch event is more than putting a few collapsible canopy tents and calling it a day. There are many components to plan and factors to consider. But a successful event is incredibly rewarding and can improve a company's fortunes overnight. Lots of time, effort, and resources have been poured into the product to make it a reality, so the launch party must reflect that.

While there are many types of launch events, there are a few things that you can apply to every planning process.

1. Curate the guest list

Every launch has a different target crowd, so you need to know who the right people are for your launch event. You want to impress your guests so their followers or audiences will feel the same.

For starters, write a single statement that mentions what you're promoting and who you're targeting to sum up the goal of the event. You could write something like, "I want to boost sales for a new line of lingerie for plus-size women." For an event like that, you'd want to invite the top social media personalities in your area to create buzz.

In a similar vein, if you're handling a tech startup launch, they're going to need a higher profile to attract more investors. You could invite the local press, tech bloggers, and potential investors. The media coverage will give the company much-needed legitimacy, and if you play your cards right, the investors might even be enticed to open their wallets.

2. Lay the groundwork for social media

When it comes to generating buzz on social media, consistency is everything. Stick to one hashtag and repeat it every chance you get. You can even hire a dedicated social media manager for your launch event.

Make sure to use snappy copy and eye-catching media. A launch event is the brand's first introduction to the world, so make sure to build anticipation in the leadup to the event slowly.

3. Choose the right venue

Make sure the venue is appropriate for the brand's values. The place should highlight the event without attracting too much attention. You don't want people to talk about the venue instead of the brand.

Let's say you're launching a new brand of wines for a high-end clientele. Instead of booking a nightclub, you might want to look for a ballroom in a 5-star hotel. Similarly, a tech event is better located somewhere exciting and new, like a convention center or museum.

Keep these things in mind when organizing your next launch event. State your objectives during the planning process to help focus your efforts, whether it's for boosting a brand's profile or increasing sales through influencer marketing. Let your goals guide your decision-making process at every stage.

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