Great Twitter Tools for Marketing – Here is a List

Great Twitter Tools for Marketing – Here is a List

Twitter has more than 325 million registered followers. People belonging to different background use this platform to engage with other people and share their stories.

Due to the presence of such a large community, marketers and advertisers use Twitter to publicize and share their business services. Twitter has an immense potential to grow your business and enhance your community. If used properly, it can directly target the relevant audience. If you are active on your twitter account, then publish quality content on a regular basis and manage the feedback comprehensively. Your business would certainly boom to the highest peaks.

However, handling all the content manually may prove an arduous task for a variety of reasons. It might take a lot of time, and things may get out of your control. Thankfully, Twitter has a variety of tools, which are super helpful in the management and marketing of your business.

Now let’s analyze some of the tools, which are productive in enhancing your Twitter marketing:


Buffer is a tool, which helps you to manage your tweets more comprehensively. Through this tool, the schedule of multiple accounts can be handled, and you can influence the audience with more pragmatic ways. Analytics of each tweet is available, and a user can also ascertain statistical data.

This tool helps you to generate your Twitter content automatically. The only thing user will have to do is to connect the RSS feed of his website through this tool. will automatically integrate your website content, including pictures, videos and stories to Twitter.


DoesFollow is a tool, which informs you who follows whom. You just need to write Twitter URLs on this tool, and it will tell you about the history and the details of the relationship among different Twitter users. It will also tell you about the fan following of your own Twitter Page.

4.Follower Wonk

This tool informs you about statistics of your followers as well, but the main thing, which distinguishes this tool from others is its ability to give us a detailed insight about our visitors. It informs us about many aspects of users such as their location, their following, and how often do they post.

5.Unmetric Inspire

This tool is efficient if you want to compare the statistics and analytics of your page with another. It gives you a detailed analysis of the content following and activities of other brands. You will then be able to evaluate the performance of your page by looking to other pages.


With this tool, you can be able to know about the interests and common activities of Twitter users of a particular region. You will be able to generate and publish relevant content according to their specific culture and tradition.


Keyhole tells you who has visited your profile and has read your content. It also informs you about your hashtag and links following.  It also apprises you about who has mentioned your brand in their profile.


Tweeroid guides you about the best timings for your tweet. It analyzes user traffic and tells you about the suitable timing of tweet so that the tweets could be reached to as many people as possible.


When you write something with a particular hashtag, TweetChat automatically compiles all other posts with the same hashtags and shows them in a live feed. It helps you to take part in live conversations.


TwitShot is conducive in extracting the images from different links. Just mention the link in TwitShot, and it will allow you to publish the images in your tweets.

11.Hootsuite Enhance

With this tool you can reduce the burden of resizing images manually and it fixes the size of images automatically. It shares your image after proper cropping and resizing.


This tool helps to let you know about the hot trending topics on Twitter. You can advertise your brand by writing about things which are popular for a particular period of time. User can look for trending hashtags and news and can integrate popular things in his content.


Marketers and brand ambassadors use a combination of different marketing tools to excel in their business. Tools are easy to use, and difficult tasks can be handled more conveniently using marketing tools. Furthermore, tools help you to engage with your audience and provide them with a sophisticated platform for a better understanding of your services. Moreover, they are also effective in saving a lot of time as well as gathering a huge amount of followers. People tend to buy Twitter followers besides applying different tools. Therefore, using marketing tools should be your best bet to enhance your business.

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