Delving into the importance of UI/UX in web app development

Delving into the importance of UI/UX in web app development

The best way to ascertain the success of a web application is by understanding how well it has been used and accepted by the users it was intended for. And it’s the user experience and user interface of the application which drives this acceptance.

The lack of a good UI/UX can make even the best web apps fall short of their expected impact on the users. Let’s delve a little deeper and understand how important UI/UX is when it comes to web app development.

Drives user engagement

Simply put, user experience and user interface essentially involve the graphic elements of an application, and the ease with which users can navigate through it. For instance, in case of an online casino, the games should have thrilling visuals and the platform should be easy to understand and use for the players. These users can’t be expected to stick to the application for very long if there don’t find it attractive enough to explore and use. An application featuring interactive browsing and excellent visuals can successfully convince users to stick to it, and learn about the other offerings of the brand. In short, good UI/UX encourages web app users to continuously engage with it. And the role played by engagement in brand popularity is no secret!

Essential for the present-day mobile-driven world

The web app users of today no longer use just laptops and computers to browse through websites. The present-day world is all about smartphones, tablets and various types of mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative for any web app developer to create responsive web design, and employ a UI/UX approach wherein the same view and browsing experience is delivered to the end user, regardless of the device he/she may be using. It’s in the UI/UX design stage that a plan must be put in place for such a responsive design.

Impacts the application’s usability

A web application is essentially created for the users, and it won’t be no good for them if they find it time consuming and difficult to use. UI/UX plays a key role in determining an application’s usability. The manner in which icons and images are displayed, the page load speed, the placement of call to action buttons, colour scheme and font of the text, the ease with which users can navigate between the webpages are some of the many factors that impact the usability of the application. It would be far easier for a user to use a web app with a properly designed UI/UX that has taken all such important factors into consideration. Furthermore, when it comes to UX design, simplicity is something that is overrated.

Contributes to brand value

Anyone interested in connecting with the brand would instantly visit its website to learn more about it. It implies that people view a company’s website as a representation of its brand. Everything that a user feels and views while browsing through a company’s website, is automatically associated with its brand. This goes on to show the significance of a website when it comes to establishing the reputation and brand value of a company. Therefore, the company website should have an engaging browsing and visual experience, to leave a good impression on the users.

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