But what Cryptocurrency?

But what Cryptocurrency?

For quite some time now, there have been a massive buzz going around the topic of crypto currency. Seems like every other day, people are bombarded by news surrounding it making the local masses curiosity reaching an all time high.

But before you really jump on the bandwagon of treading and spending this new economical option why not go through a brief summary of what it really is and what options do you really have.

The What's and The How's.

Crypto currency is basically a digital medium that helps you trade and earn through various verified options and sources. Most if not all of the options available on this medium are heavily secured and are protected by the tight framework of cryptography. Now without getting very technical, cryptography is a way to make sure what happens between two parties remain between them and that no data is leaked to anyone at all. The reason why crypto currency is becoming the next popular option is because unlike traditional banks, the security of this system is much more tight and one can also make transactions while being completely anonymous.
Looking at all the advantages that it has over other economical options one can very well assume that it is only a matter of years before this become a fully commercialized industry. So all the buzz that you do end up reading about in the papers is something you need to keep an eye on because unlike some trades, this one is staying and is cementing itself as time goes by.

Now what?

A very good question indeed, what now? Since now you are aware of what crypto currency is, what it can do and how secure it really is the natural progression of things would be, what's next. what should I do now to avail opportunities on this platform. Well, I have just the thing for you, introducing the safest and most secure coin available in market which is, drum roll please, tiedcoin. This is one of the safest coin available in the market. Not only is it stable and clean from frauds, it is also very transparent. The crypto currency that is tiedcoin is a very stable option for anyone weather you are a seasoned spender or a newbie, investing in tiedcoin will not go to waste.
People normally hesitated when it comes to spending money on crypto currency, but be assured that tiedcoin is a extremely secure coin in the crypto market. Tiedcoin is a price stable coin offering a one to one relationship with Euro and Yen. Currently the currency it supports is Euros and Yen but it will soon open its doors to many other blooming currencies. Every fund of tiedcoin is held in an escrow account which is offered by a tier one international bank.
The funds are not only secure in a proper bank but also, the tiedcoin teams publishes statement of funds every day, so you are well aware of how much you have, and where is that kept.

CryptoCurrency Marketin 2019

Now, you have your tiedcoin, what's next? Well you need a marketplace you can spend all of this in and that can be easily done on beaxchange. Beaxchange, is a place where you can exchange your tiedcoin or to be honest any crytocurrency you own. Bitcoins, tiedcoins whatever it is, as long as its stable and secure you can share it on the market place that is beaxchange. Beaxchange is a great place to start firstly, it's very secure like any good crypto currency market place should be, secondly it is fast and when I say fast I mean fast. The user interface and experience is very to the point and very counterproductive. It is a regulated market place which means whatever exchange that does occur, occurs with a set of rules and very tight security. Plus, it has a live map on its website which can show you how many assets that are being exchanged at this very moment, well of course without compromising the privacy of the parties involved. So since you are all set why not take some of your sweet tiedcoins which have a mighty value to them and sell them on a secure and stable platform like beaxchange. Time is money so spend it wisely.
So since now we have established everything that a brief summary can establish for you, why not take a one last quick look at another resource that will help you in your journey of trading and selling in the crypto marketplace. You can find information upon information on the best, the worst and the neutrals of crypto currencies but let's be honest who has the time to Google every little thing on any subject matter. So why not make your life simple and use one of the most trusted blogs on crypto currency.
The blog altcoinsidekick is the blog place to be at if you want to know anything about anything regarding crypto currencies. This blog is updated every single day with news, trends and trade. The blog investigates every bit of the internet and find you the best and authentic ways to invest in the cyber market space. It also, make sure that you have the latest happenings and news regarding the digital economy. Giving you insights of what you should and should not do to giving you addresses of places you need to be at for a better, more secure and stable financial future.
The topics discussed on there are endless, from the do's and don'ts to laws and regulations regarding the digital economy. The blog altcoinsidekick got you covered. Not only written material, they also provide video content for those who find visuals better than written words. The blog also has a dedicated podcast series to provide you latest happenings and topic of discussions in the current market place.
With all the right tools in your toolbox now, you are set to invest and to make your own way in this digital economy, so do yourself a favor and get started.

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