5 Important Website Design Features for Your E-Commerce Website

5 Important Website Design Features for Your E-Commerce Website

Have you wondered how the most well-doing E-commerce websites generate high revenues consistently?

Well, the answer is (especially for the beginners) that they’ve their foundations sorted.

An E-commerce application is vital for running an online business, and therefore, it is very important to have a design that can convert your users into the buyers.

Ideally, a good E-commerce application must make the purchasing process fast and stress-free. It should have everything for user satisfaction and high revenue.

Now you are wondering what to do to have an optimized E-commerce web application? Don’t stress! Today we are here to share with you the most design features for your E-commerce website.

We have jotted some of the crucial features an E-commerce site must possess for generating traffic and eventually raising the profits. To dig deeper,Scroll Down!

Key Features of an E-commerce website

1. Buyer’s Mindset

It all boils down to the one thing and i.e., the user. A user mindset is where you have to step in, and view things. Every single detail of the site be it in the contact form, product images, pricing methods should convince the user to make a purchase. And for all this, one needs to emphasize the user experience. It is of paramount importance for turning the visitors into potential customers. Ever you fall into the loop of doubt about your website experience! Turn to your friend or potential partner, for seeing the site from their perspective. Ask them to rate your site, usability, visual appeal, navigational ease and much more.

2. User-Friendly Navigation

Ease of navigation is critical to any site, but it’s highly important for an E-commerce solution. The main goal of an E-commerce application is its’ ability to sell, and hence the selling items must be placed in such a way that the buyer can locate them easily. Navigation is not everyone’s cup of tea and many E-commerce platforms have lost their customers owing to the same. Every effort in this direction has to complement the user’s mindset. What might look good to the designer may not do justice to the buyer’s choice!

Now, when it comes to large applications, designers should be extra cautious as with a huge number of products, navigation gets difficult. Put product categories and menus appropriately and make sure that the items are well-segregated. Also, it is necessary that each web page has a way to the home page and contact us page for a refined user experience. After all, in the end, user experience is what brings back the visitors.

3. Quality photos/ Effective, Accurate Product Photos

Perhaps the biggest pain point for the online buyers is that they cannot view items in person before they make the purchase like an ordinary store. To ease this not so easy factor, one needs to enhance the design of an E-commerce site with qualitative product images and videos based on the item.

It is an absolute must to have high-resolution pictures. Any pixelation or blurriness would give a cheap impression to our customers. Consider having galleries for each item so that the potential buyer can click and view the picture from multiple angles. A pop-up box is also a popular feature in which a person can zoom a specific image and have the fine details of the product. Basically, it’s all about how closely you can present the product view to have an actual outlook.

If feasible, avail the lifestyle images of people interacting with your products. For instance, it is more enticing to have clothes worn by models rather than just laying on a mannequin. The same rule applies everywhere, it is easier to see when the products are shown in action than the stock.

4. Include Product Reviews

63% of the online shoppers say that they are likely to purchase from a site if it possesses product reviews. So it's quite simple to say that no matter how much the products have been marketed, customer reviews do play an important role. Customer reviews are a simple and easy way for sales promotion and conversions.

There are two ways for having reviews, utilize them and see the wonder of Word-to-mouth strategy-

  • You can have a separate landing page with the top reviews, featuring tiny blurbs penned by the registered users which can also attract more views.
  • Or you can integrate the scaling system for every product which makes it easy to grade the quality with fewer clicks.

Whatever be the approach, make sure you treat your site like a real physical store where people can converse and browse freely. Any strategy with the human touch has milestones to achieve.

5. Platform Security

This is one of the most vital features as it takes care of data safety. It is important that you select a CMS (Content Management System) which can handle the shopping cart integration in addition to security. Security is an essential aspect, make sure that no debit/credit card information is saved. Passwords are also saved in the hashes, so as to avoid readability. Also, it is advised to purchase an SSL certificate. The customers are likely to make purchases from a site that is trustworthy, and an SSL certificate does buy you that. Remember, customer satisfaction is primary and customers are satisfied only when they know that their data is in safe hands.

The Verdict

An E-commerce site is a bread-maker of your online business. A well-designed, feature-rich web application can turn a random visitor into a regular buyer. Qualitative pictures, secured platform, rating card, easy navigation, good content and what not! All of these factors contribute to crafting a perfect E-commerce site for the online business. With this, we have come to an important read for the day. Though we agree it isn’t the end of the discussion and there is a lot to more to consider but the above-mentioned hold high importance. Also, in case you are too occupied or simply need a web development company to help you craft a perfect E-commerce site for you, feel free to share. Till then,Happy Reading!

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